Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Man, I am feeling so ansy right now. When I get like this, I freak out and then just want to sleep b/c I don't know what to do- feeling so overwhelmed! Yeep!

Brad is graduating in 17 days...that is really soon! I thought I would be ecstatic about this, but I am not. I am flippin' out. 17 days and the VA school money stops- we've lived off that for 5 years...scary. For a couple months he's had people telling him they want him- his current boss, the head of another engineering firm and then a couple that have expressed interest more than once. However...no written offers yet, just a lot of "we're trying to get them to let us hire another engineer" and things of that nature. He has gotten one call...from a firm he applied to in Jax. They called and said the Jax position was filled, then asked if he'd be interested in the same position in Austin, TX. He said yes b/c so far that's the closest thing to an offer he's gotten. So now, we wait...and I freak. I will probably be procrastinating everything and crying at random times throughout the next few weeks b/c my mind and body don't handle "unknowns" well. I am praying that this gets worked out soon and am trying to "cast all my cares on Him." Honestly though, I'm not good at that. I worry. I get anxious. I cry.


  1. Oh...I hope something in Jax opens up! I remember once praying so hard for Arthur's job. I prayed that either A or B would happen. God responded with C. I had to laugh. And you know that C was so much better than A or B!

  2. Thanks, Gloria. He is staying where he is for the time being. At first we were excited, but this is his first full time week...still as an intern, but it is full time and he will be an offical engineer in training soon...anyway, I have not been happy with it so far. Every day I've gotten a "running late again" text. :( Prayed a lot about my attitude toward that today, hoping it gets better. Oh, and I prayed for you spurs. Love you. :)