Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello all (or just Gloria-hehe, love you!). Thank you for praying. Please, please continue to lift us up if you think of it.
This past Saturday was very, very dark. One of those days where I just have to pray constantly for fear of what I might be capable of doing. I am so thankful for my relationship with Christ. It gets me through and knowing Him has brought me some healing. I know that what I experience is an illness and not who I am...even when I have no idea why I feel so depressed, I can talk to myself with (some) reason.

Okay, next. :)  I want to share a little encouragement also. Health and fitness is important to me, as you know. It's also very hard sometimes. You have to deal with your own flesh not wanting to work out or eat right and you also have to deal with people around you who may not understand your struggle and your goals and they hinder you in your efforts. That last part is especially rough when it is people you love and are closest to. With that said, you also are stronger than you think. If you think back a year ago, or even a month...some struggles or temptations you had are probably completely a thing of the past today. Celebrate that! If you slip up, stop, refocus and keep moving forward.  My dear friend shared these verses with me. Psalm 18:32-36. I'm not going to type them out- please read them. God is our strength and he IS strength so that's great news for us!

  I love when I feel a little burst of "Yes I can and I WILL!!" When you feel those, try to hang on tight!

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